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Choosing the Tattoo Artist

So here you are with a few bucks available and a strong urge to get a tattoo getting an expertise on the information highway.

The first thing when deciding to get a tattoo is to actually find the tattoo artists in your area. This is harder than it sounds, because many of them are so caught in their art that they forget to advertise, so you shouldn’t really bother checking the “Yellow Pages”, ask your friends instead or just random guys on the street which happen to have a tattoo. It is all part of the community building. With this grandious scheme you should now have about three tattoo artists to choose from. Four if you count that friend’s friend who did tattoos five years ago.

Time to check the actual tattoo artists themselves. If by any chance you hear a Madonna song in any of these shops run, like hell. It’s a bad omen, trust me on this one. So you finally meet the artists themselves. At this step you should ask for their portofolio, if they don’t have any look completely awed tell them that they really rock and go for the next one. This can help greatly later on. If you do eventually find a tattoo artist with a portofolio, then you can really say that you caught God by a leg, if the tattoos are cheap you’re in heaven.

If by now you hadn’t found any reliable tattoo artist you can always call that friend’s friend and get a tattoo. Probably even for free. But don’t expect to look very nice afterwards. It’s really a matter of luck in the end.

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