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Dirty Tattoos Move Beyond the Breasts

Once upon a time, a “dirty tattoo” may have been as simple as a tattoo found on a woman’s breast or perhaps one on a person’s buttock’s.

After all, Cher shocked the world when she showed off a flower tattoo that sprawled across her behind back in the 80s.

The concept of the dirty tattoo, however, has evolved far beyond those found on just the breast or the butt. Today, men and women are exploring more interesting and more private areas to have their bodies inked.

The Penis Tattoo

One increasingly popular area for a dirty tattoo is the penis. Many people maintain that tribal tattoos are the best style of tattoo to get on the penis, though the ultimate design of choice is obviously up to the person’s individual taste.

For the most part, attempting to create an actual picture on the penis will not be successful. This is because the penis changes in size and firmness depending on its level of excitement. Therefore, shapes and designs are the most commonly requested tattoo for the penis.

The procedure for tattooing a penis varies according to the tattoo artist. Some prefer that the penis be engorged while being tattooed in order to help stretch out the skin. Obviously, when facing the inevitable pain that is associated with tattooing, it is difficult for a man to maintain an erection throughout the entire process. Therefore, the design may be drawn onto the penis while hard but the actual tattoo is created while the penis is flaccid.

The Vagina Tattoo

Men are not the only ones looking to push the boundaries when it comes to having a dirty tattoo. Women are also looking for new and interesting places for their tattoos – and the vagina is an area that is increasingly being explored.

The vagina tattoo may be simply placed on the front mound area of the vagina. Since this skin does not continually change in the same way as the penis, women have a broader range of possible tattoo designs and pictures to select from. Some women also seek out tattoos on the upper inner thigh in the area very near to the vagina. In this way, they can almost frame their vagina within their tattoos.

When it comes to a vagina tattoo, it should be restricted to only the outer skin because there is an extreme risk of infection with tattooing the inner labia. In addition, maintaining a vagina tattoo can be difficult as the pubic hair that naturally grows in the area will reduce the overall appearance of the tattoo.

Another option with both the penis and vagina tattoo is to incorporate the pubic hair and natural appearance of the genitalia within the tattoo. For example, the penis may serve as a nose or beak with the face of the animal surrounding the penis. Some tattoo aficionados have also used the pubic hair to form the beard of a person tattooed onto their stomachs and the outer vaginal region while others have used the hair as a bird’s nest.

There are truly a number of options available to those that wish to have dirty tattoos that go beyond their breasts or buttocks. With these special tattoos, the wearer can enjoy knowing that only a select few will ever get to see the tattoo – and it certainly leaves their lovers with something to remember.

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