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Why canít I have a tattoo?

I remember how angry my parents were when they saw my first tattoo. My father almost had a heart attack!

I donít get it. Whatís so wrong with having a tattoo? Did I kill someone? It is absurd! They keep telling me I should ďcalm downĒ and find a girlfriend, even marry her, having a baby.

My God. I donít want a baby, I want a tattoo: is it that complicated?

Yes, I admit a tattoo is a permanent thing, but so is a child! Most parents donít get it! They think tattoos are a symbol of damnation or something like thatÖ

I told my father once: ďDad, if I have this dragon on my shoulder, doesnít mean I will burn in hell! I tried to explain them that I was born in the year of the dragon (in Chinese horoscope) and that this symbol really represents me. He didnít understand.

My mother, on the other hand, was more open-minded (she adores astrology) and told me I was right! A tattoo is not the end of the world. Not at all! Itís more like a new beginning. I have so many new friends now; Iím not a couch-potato anymore. I even go out with my friends and I have real fun.

And you know what? I met this wonderful girl, Tina, sheís my first girlfriend. I think she loves me (even if Iím fat and ugly) and she likes my tattoo, she has plenty of them, all over her body. Tina told me she had the same problems with her parents that I had.Only she told them from the start: ďAnd the reasons? There are no reasons. Who needs reasons when youíve got Ö a tattoo?Ē.

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